What is an extension?

An extension is the extension of the validity of a representation beyond the initial validity date. A representation has a maximum date of validity of 5 years, therefore, within this period, the representation can be extended, that is, its validity can be extended.

Which performances can be extended?

Any representation that is valid and has a validity of less than 5 years can be extended, with a maximum validity date of 5 years (counting the sum of the initial representation and successive extensions), if no new documentation is required to be attached to prove this extension of the representation.


If A represents B for 1 year >>> n extensions can be made for the remaining 4 years

If A represents B for 2 years >> n extensions can be made for the remaining 3 years

If, due to the extension of the representation, it is necessary to attach a document that accredits it, a new representation must be made.

How does the extension flow work?

In relation to the registration procedure for the extension, this is the same as for new registrations:

  • If the original representation was requested by the power of attorney, without attached documentation, and therefore passed as "pending acceptance" >> the representative's authorization is required to carry out the extension
  • If the original representation had attached documentation and therefore went through the "pending validation" status >> validation is required to make the extension

If the representation is based on a new power of attorney document >> the extension is not allowed, a new registration must be made

If the representation has already expired >> the extension is not allowed, a new registration must be made

Can either party urge the extension?

No, it depends on the type:

  • initial representation went through "pending acceptance" can only urge the power of attorney.
  • initial representation went through "pending validation" both the power of attorney and the representative can urge.
How to create an extension from the public employee portal?

You must search for the representation to be extended, searching for the representations that exist between two people, in the "Management" tab.


Once there, if the representation meets the requirements (valid and valid for less than 5 years), the "Extension" can be done in the "Actions" tab.


The request of the person appearing, either the power of attorney or the representative, must be attached and the extension request can be made.


The request will remain in "Pending validation" or "Pending acceptance" depending on the life cycle of the original representation, as explained in the section "How does the extension flow work?"