How can I apply for the Representa service?

1. If you are a body of the Administration of the Generalitat, you must contact the organizational unit, or equivalent, of your department who will tell you how to proceed given that you must use this service with the criteria belonging to the Generalitat that are given by the Office of Innovation and Digital Administration (OIAD) together with the center for Telecommunications and Information Technologies of the Generalitat (CTTI). 2. If you are any other organization in the public sector of Catalonia, you will find the procedure for requesting the service, at EACAT Procedures > provider Consorci AOC, Service CAOC – Request for services > Procedure "Request for registration and modification of the services of the AOC" .

Procedure screen EACAT request for AOC services

It is important that you consider:

  • That the form must be downloaded from the entity requesting the service.
  • That in order to download the registration form, the EACAT user manager must have assigned you permissions for the "CAOC service - Request for Services" .
  • That, once the form has been completed and validated, it will be necessary to sign it electronically and send it through the "Send" button on the form itself or through EACAT Procedures > Registration window .

First steps with the Representa

If you have already received the registration confirmation communication for the Representa service, your organization's EACAT user manager must do the following:

  1. Take a look at the Representa Implementation Guide.
  2. Grant the role of qualified official to those people with this condition who must enter representations into the tool.
  3. Assign EACAT service roles to EACAT users from the EACAT Configuration section:
    • CONSULTANT : Allows you to consult representations and check if there is a representation between two people for a procedure, body, capacity and specific day and extract evidence in pdf and/or xml.
    • MANAGER : Contains the functionality of the consultant and additionally, allows you to create and modify representations.
    • VALIDATOR : It contains the functionality of the consultant and additionally, allows validating/rejecting the representations pending validation, with the review of the attached documentation.
    • ADMINISTRATOR OF THE ENS : Allows you to manage the catalog of procedures of an administration as well as its data (configuration of the ENS).
    • SERVICE ADMINISTRATOR : Brings together all the functions of all the roles.

    Since the roles are cumulative in their functions, it is recommended to add only the required role. In this way, for example:

    • if access to all functionalities is needed, the service administrator role is recommended (not all roles are required)
    • if you need to create representations and consult them, the manager role is recommended (it is not necessary to have the roles of consultant and manager at the same time)
  1. The person who is assigned the role of administrator can customize the institution's procedures catalog , if so desired (see the section "Adding families and procedures to the procedures catalog via file" of How can I manage the procedures catalog? In the case of having chosen the "AOC Catalogue" modality, it is not necessary to take any action, since it is the AOC that manages the loading and updating of the catalogue.
  2. Add the entity's configuration data as indicated in the Entity data configuration section
  3. Include the citizen portal link in your e-mail address . You can check your address on the citizenship portal in the section Registered in the service.
  4. Aim for the virtual or live training of Representa, for public workers who will have to work with the tool. You can find the link or the calendar at the following link:

How to access Representa

Access to the service will be done through the portal EACAT through authentication with digital certificate T-CAT or username/password, accessing the " Access " link.

Once you have authenticated to EACAT, access to the service must be done through the " Applications " tab.

Click on the " Access " link of the Representa service.

We must bear in mind that previously the user manager must have given permissions to the user.

Configuration data of the ens

One of the first steps to take with Representa is to fill in the data in the body's Configuration section, so that the service documentation appears correctly completed.

You need to access the name of the entity located in the upper left margin and click on it. There we will find the data to fill in.

configuration_data_2 (1).png

These data are used so that the platform documentation is automatically filled with the information about personal data protection of your entity, both requests and reports.

Some clarifications:

  • Rights link: it is necessary to report the link to your e-mail where you inform how to exercise ARCO rights. The link must be complete, that is, it must include "http://www". Reporting a link is mandatory.
  • Catalog link : you only need to inform if you have your own catalog and you have a link in your e-mail address where you can inform about the procedures and their definition. This link will appear on the citizenship portal in case you want to consult it prior to the granting of powers. Otherwise the link will not appear. The link must be complete, that is, it must include "http://www". It is not mandatory to report a link.
  • Support link : by default, if this link is not reported, the AOC Consortium support portal will appear on the citizenship portal. If an own link is reported, this will be the one that will appear and where citizens will be redirected if they have any doubts or concerns about the service. The link must be complete, that is, it must include "http://www". It is not mandatory to report a link.

Browsers supported for AOC consortium services

To enjoy the best user experience using the services of the AOC Consortium, use one of the supported and updated browsers. At a general level (as long as the service does not have specific documentation) you can find all the information about the browsers supported for the AOC Consortium services in the following link:

Co-responsibility agreement

As determined bythe specific conditions of the Representa service , the user entities have the obligation to approve the conditions of co-responsibility in the treatment of personal data of the proxies and representatives, in accordance with the data protection regulations

How can I apply for an AOC Electronic Seal?

Follow the following steps:

1. Access EACAT > Procedures > Lender Consorci AOC > Digital certification service > T-CAT: Request and renewal of application certificates. Device certificate requester must access EACAT and identify themselves with digital certificate.

Note: A user with the editor role can also access and leave the request ready to be signed by the Device Certificate Requester.

2. Complete the application In the "Initial information" tab and indicate:

  • The type of certificate to request; middle level seal
  • The priority of the request; ordinary or urgent (implies differences in rates and delivery time: 16 working days for ordinary requests and 4 working days for urgent ones).

3. In the "Application details" tab, you must indicate the desired "Use of the certificate" (in field 11):

Use of the certificate Characteristics
Transferred exclusively for use of AOC services The certificate will be called "Serveis Administracio Electronica" It will be used for AOC services. We will keep it from the AOC. It will not be able to be used for the entity's own services.
Exclusively given for use of own tools The name of the certificate is freely decided by the agency. We will keep it from the AOCE. It can only be used for the agency's own tools (not AOC services).
Own direct use (no transfer option to the AOC) The applicant body can decide all aspects of the certificate and make use of it. It cannot be transferred later either for the services of the AOC or for the body's own tools

Note: this fact implies that the us will not be able to download the mid-level seal certificate from the subscriber's Folder because the AOC Consortium will be in charge of doing so. The entity can only download the public part of the certificate from the subscriber folder.

4. Once all the data has been filled in, you will need to send the request for signature using the "Send to sign" button.

5. Sign the conditions of the certificate request. The user with the role of applicant for device certificates will be able to sign the submission from EACAT/My procedures/To sign, by pressing the "Sign" button. The request will be registered in EACAT and in the hands of the Registration entity it will have to carry out its generation.

Important: in the case of Via Oberta services that require a certificate (AEAT), you must follow the steps in the following FAQ: How to renew a Seal certificate to use AEAT services and use the EACAT remittance > section "Procedures" > "Registration of services Via Oberta" > lender Consorci AOC > Request for CAOC services

We are registered in Representa

You can find the list of entities registered with the service, as well as the access url to their portal and the data relating to the protection of personal data at: Information relating to the protection of personal data