How do I handle a request for acceptance by a representative?

If a representative wants to accept the representation previously granted to him by a power of attorney, the data of the power of attorney and the representative must be loaded in the home tab.

Once loaded, the representation or representations that exist between the two will appear, with their corresponding status.

In this case, you must access the representation or representations that are in the "Pending acceptance" state and go into detail.

There will be the detail of the representation and below, the different action buttons that can be performed in this representation.

Click on the "Accept" button and the option to attach the acceptance and follow-up request will appear, confirmation of acceptance will be required.

Finally, the representation with the new status "Valid" will appear.

Does the representative need to give explicit consent?

It depends on the case.

In the event that the registration has documentation to be validated, it is not necessary. Once the registration is registered, it will be validated or denied by a public worker with the role of validator and depending on this it will remain valid, causing effect or being denied. This is because it is understood that already in a previous act the representative has consented to this representation.

In the event that the registration does not contain documentation attached to be validated, the representative must explicitly accept it.

If the proxy informs of the representative's e-mail, an e-mail informing of the appointment will be sent with a brief explanation of this circumstance and the information in order to accept it.

If the representative is not interested he / she may resign from the appointment as a representative. In the same sense, you can register or unsubscribe from the notices at any time (and the power of attorney as well).