Article 6 of Law 39/2015, of 1 October, provides that each Administration must have a general electronic register of powers of attorney, which must be interoperable with the registers of the other administrations.

In other words, these registers will have to guarantee their interconnection and compatibility, as well as the electronic transmission of requests, writings and communications that are included in them, so that the representations registered in the register of powers of attorney AAPP must be able to be consulted by another AAPP that does not use the same record.

THE POWER OF ATTORNEY is the electronic register of powers of attorney of the General Administration of the State, which allows the registration of representations with the purpose of the proxies acting before the Public Administrations on behalf of third parties.

However, in order to exchange information between REPRESENTA and APODERA (or the other similar registers) it is necessary to first approve the corresponding Technical Standard for Interoperability of the data model and interoperability conditions of the electronic registers of powers of attorney, which is in the preparation phase.

On the other hand, the aforementioned law also contemplates that the general registers of powers of attorney will not prevent the existence of particular registers where the powers granted to carry out specific procedures of the organization are registered.

In this sense, the Electronic Register of Bidding Companies of the Generalitat of Catalonia (RELI) aims to facilitate the competition of companies and speed up the actions of the Catalan public administrations in contractual award procedures (Decree 107/2005, of May 31).

Among the various data entered in the RELI, those relating to the representation of the bidding companies stand out, such as:

  • Date of the document and number of the protocol granting powers of representation in contractual procedures.
  • Surnames and first names of the representatives.
  • Identification of the powers of representation attributed: bidding, signing contracts, assigning credits, setting up deposits and collecting.
  • Duration of powers of representation.
  • Regime of action of the powers of representation.
  • Number and expiry date of the identity document of the representatives.

In view of the provisions of the administrative procedure regulations, the REPRESENTA service is planned to be integrated with APODERA and RELI, as soon as the indicated technical standard is approved and the integrations are available.