To know the representations that have been requested from my entity, either from the public employee portal or from the citizenship portal, and other relevant data from the service, a dashboard has been enabled, with access to the service administrator and entity administrator profiles.

To access it, it's as simple as accessing the Public Employee Portal (EACAT > Applications > Representa) and clicking on the “Dashboard” tab found in the upper right side margin of the portal.

    • You can filter by your ens
    • You can filter by the years and months that interest me
    • You can view representation data by:
      • Origin: citizenship portal or employee portal
      • Type of representation: General, Organism or Procedures
      • Status: Valid, Canceled, Pending Validation, Pending Acceptance, Expired, Denied, Revoked, Resigned or Under Review.

representation menu

The data is updated once a month approximately on the 10th of the month. This is a first version of the dashboard and we would like you to send us proposals for data that you consider relevant to add and improve it through the improvement portal AOC .